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When Newsted joined Metallica in 1986, after the death of bassist Cliff Burton, Metallica was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Look, we're not saying Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is gay.

His first gallery show opened on May 4, 2010 at Micaëla Gallery in San Francisco.

When I came into Metallica, I had to do justice to Cliff's work, but I also had to put my own signature on it.

“I don’t have any grand expectations,” says Newsted, 49, sitting behind the mixing board in his home studio, the Chophouse.

“I plan on working my way back up.” Musical detour Newsted is wearing an old jean jacket emblazoned with patches — including a Metallica logo — looking like the thrash-rock kids that idolized him more than two decades ago.

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