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It begins by focusing on the trio of orcas as the voiceover says: 'What the f**k?' This dramatic footage shows the moment two petrified swimmers scrambled to get out of the water when they noticed three killer whales heading in their direction.

At one point, she could be seen prancing about the stage surrounded by male backup dancers in sheer white crop tops that showcased their chiseled torsos.

Scientists say the artifacts exhumed on the remote island are painting a picture of how our civilization began. First Nation, is that the scientific discovery appears to corroborate the tribe's oral history.

“I remember when we get the dates back and we just kind of sat there going, holy moly, this is old,” said Gauvreau.“What this is doing is just changing our idea of the way in which North America was first peopled.” What the team found is incredible: Tools for lighting fires, fish hooks and spears, all dating back 14,000 years. “It’s very special to not only me, but our entire tribe,” said Heiltsuk Nation’s William Housty. islands to keep tracking the ancient footprint of man as far as it goes.

"If he sounds like a prince and our relationship seems like a fairy tale, it's not too far off, except for all of the regular stuff that comes from two and a half decades of playing house together," she wrote.

Ariana Grande smoldered onstage Friday night when her Dangerous Woman Tour alighted on Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

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