Ed westwick and leighton meester dating in real life 2016

"Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr will not be back on Gossip Girl next fall.

The two actresses, both of whom have been with the buzzed-about CW hit's cast from the start, will not be returning for the fifth season, a show rep says.

Edward "Ed" Westwick is an English actor and musician, known for his role as Chuck Bass on The CW's teen drama series Gossip Girl. On his mother's side, he is the grandson of Thomas Blenkiron and Alice Elizabeth Cadby. I always sense potential in the night - especially during the summer. It's like London in the summertime: there's all this energy that's been laying under the earth for eight months of the year that's just been bubbling and cooking until finally it comes out with the sun.

On his father's side, he is the grandson of Fred Westwick and Irene Heath.

Jessica Szohr's hard-luck character Vanessa Abrams is often the loser on Gossip Girl. Both of these cute actresses showed they can get a little edgy and leggy in some leather culottes.

And since Ed Westwick was one of the major stars of the series, rumours about a new Ed Westwick girlfriend are spreading with the speed of light.

Whole Gossip Girl team has its own second half already.

If I want to go out and drink and throw a glass in the street, I'll do it. To be respected as an actor it doesn't help to be seen out in the clubs.

As long as the reason is that I want to have fun and not that I want to create some sort of tension around me. But there are a lot more differences than similarities between Chuck and me.

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