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of stepping out on a date can send any of us into negative energy, panic mode—especially after a few too many false starts.

And, let’s be frank, anxiously unsure, nervously sweaty or desperately hopeful aren’t really first impressions that are likely to result in a second date, or even a call explaining why not! fortunately, our mindful masters of Zen have identified some tangible life principles that can banish dating nerves forever—even when actively finding your soulmate. Firstly, understand there is no need for suffering while riding the dating carousel, no matter how fast or bumpy it gets.

Although I am already in a relationship, this book still was very relevant and the skills she teaches can help a person become a better, kinder and more present person which can then influence all relationships.

I strongly recommend this book to any person who is trying to make a connection or who would like to live in a more mindful way.

When it comes to faith, finances and family values, you’re very compatible. He makes you want to be a better person — but loves you just as you are. There’s a comfort level likened to “coming home” when you’re together.

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Having got your conscious thought into the zone about the forthcoming experience, there’s now just minimalist approach that will work for you: you’ve got to hit the dating streets with totally blinkered vision for the only thing that really matters to you—finding your soulmate."Holding the hand of your soulmate throws your spirit into a whirlwind, even many years into the relationship," Harra said.Soulmates connect with ease right off the bat and let their true colors show without fear of judgment.Your heart’s desire is on the line here…have the courage to give it a clear path.Now unfairly, even with your heart’s desire clear in your mind, Dating Mistake 101 is still hideously easy to make and damn hard to avoid, even when you know what it is.

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