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Our hope is that they will attempt to do the same for us.

In the extremely rare case of the animal being completely immobilized by human-introduced material such as string or rope, or if other issues develop, we will evaluate and consult with experts and proceed as they deem best.

The cat doesn’t appear to be alive and it’s unknown whether or not the eagle killed it or if it was already dead.

Donations in the form of a cheque can also be mailed to the attention of the Grand River Conservation Foundation, 400 Clyde Road, P. Thank you to all the donors who are helping to fund this project. The Grand River Conservation Authority operates the Osprey Cam strictly as an informational and educational tool, giving viewers an intimate glimpse into the fascinating world of an osprey family.

A live web cam in a bald eagle’s nest in Hays, Pennsylvania, captured the reality of the natural world for all to see on Tuesday afternoon.

An adult eagle was left in the nest caring for two young eaglets, when a second adult flew in, dropping off dinner: a cat.

If you find watching the cams too disturbing, we apologize and suggest that you stop watching.

It is at our discretion to turn off the camera at any time with little or no warning, for technical and operational reasons, or if we determine the situation warrants it.

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