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Some capabilities may not be fully blocked.** A very popular app with teens doing group videos.

Highly requested by parents as the app has the potential for inappropriate live video.

Users can broadcast a live video or watch channels produced by other users.Syncapp is not another instant messenger - it's vision of what instant messenger for connected world should be. ACTIONABLE MESSAGES | POLLS = STICKYPost a message with action attached for the message receiver.It puts incredible power of real time agreement in your hands. Define the choices upfront so you can quickly come to an agreement. PER STICKY PRIVACYSometimes you want to ask your friends about their opinion but you don't want everyone else to see! DYNAMIC GROUPSWhen you want to invite your friend's friends to a party but don't know their phone numbers. Syncapp offers everything your favorite instant messenger has and then takes it to the next level.We add the receiver of the sticky to a group, Simple!

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